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Friday, December 25, 2015

Shocking! How Pastor Adeboye Survived Juju and Poison Attempts

Due to the power tussle in the circle of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, there have been several assassination attempts on the life of the General Overseer of the church, according to new revelations. 

There is no doubt Pastor E.A Adeboye is spiritually wealthy and divinely connected. His story is an amazing one and if you have ever been under the auction of his voice , be it during a ministration or service or congress, you must surely feel the presence of God in that environment.

He has the largest followership on Facebook as many tap into his prayer lines everyday. He never boasts of his achievements and his life is entirety of Gods glory and finished work. All of his successes and respects has brought to him a lot of LOVE, RESPECT and even Envy. Are you shocked? Yes, can Pastor Adeboye be envied?, Yes, he must surely be envied because even our Lord Jesus also was envied in his own lifetime even by his disciples.

He has done well for himself in terms of preaching the gospel and he has won many souls to Christ. His own Christian life and teachings is different from the Pastors you see these days who are all after money and not winning souls for Christ. All of Pastor Adeboye’s achievement is what has been envied by many but the negative envious spirit is the one the bible forbids.
In furtherance of this goal, he oversees a network of over 40,000 parish-churches in 186 nations of the world. In the United States, there are over 600 several RCCG branches, the largest concentrations being in the states of Maryland, Texas, Illinois, California, and Washington D.C.

Formerly a Mathematics lecturer at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, he started working with the founder of RCCG, Pa Akindayomi by translating his sermons from Yoruba to the English language. The leadership mantle fell on Pastor Enoch Adeboye in 1981, and since then, RCCG has experienced phenomenal growth and success, converting multitudes to Christ. In recognition of his contribution as a global icon and preacher of God’s Word, he was selected in 2008 as one of the world’s 50 most influential people by Newsweek magazine, USA.

So who can be after Pastor Adeboye? Anyone after Adeboye’ life should surely be after God? There have been many suggestions by some elders of the church for him to retire at age 70 when he celebrated his birthday few years back. There are also rumours of how he has survived food poisoning severally.There is also the rumour that one of his Provincial pastors who is an interpreter once tried to harm him with Juju and many more. All these and many more were what they have used to try Pastor Adeboye, but all efforts have failed. Pastor Adeboye did not choose himself but God chose him according to his story and for someone to have built not only the biggest but the largest congregation of millions of members in Nigeria, then God must surely be on your side.

According to reports, since Pastor Adeboye popularly called Daddy G.O by his members turned 70, some young pastors have been putting pressure on the revered man of God to vacate the post of the G.O as it is the custom of the church for any serving official to retire when they clock 70 years  of age.  The food poisoning story dimension seems to be a scary one, anybody who is desperate to take another person’s life to reach a spiritual position is not fit to be a pastor in the first place. Who in this world would be happy to be responsible for Pastor Adeboye’s death? It was gathered that a prominent pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) had once attempted poisoning the General Overseer.

The cause of his attempt was not unconnected with the soft-spoken man of God’s continued retention as the Church’s General Overseer’s position. It was learnt that Pst. Adeboye was poisoned by one of the members of a power bloc, who is equally a Prominent Pastor during one of the Church’s meetings, which was held at the Church’s Redemption Camp, located along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. The poison was said to have been injected into a cup of juice the man of God was meant to take. However, just before Pst.Adeboye attempted taking the juice, the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the juice had been poisoned. Upon this divine revelation, Pst.Adeboye demanded that the person who was responsible for the poisoned juice either confess or remain cursed. Shortly afterwards, a prominent pastor in the Church, whose name was not given, stood up and begged for forgiveness. The pastor whose identity was not given is said to come from Oyo State, South West Nigeria.

He was formerly the provincial pastor of Lagos Province 7, many years back. It is said that many top pastors of the Church are bent on getting Pastor Adeboye, who they consider due for retirement, out of the Church’s General Overseer position. It would be recalled that at a point years back, Pastor Adeboye was advised to step down so as to pave the way for young pastors to take over the Church’s leadership.

Adeboye emerged the RCCG’s General Overseer in 1981, taking over from the Church’s original founder, Papa Akindayomi who died in 1980. For more than two years, Pastor Adeboye held the position as a part-time pastor, still lecturing at the University of Ilorin, until he finally gave up his university lecturing job to become a full-time Pastor. Adeboye, since he had taken over the Church as the General Overseer, has succeeded in planting the Redeemed Christian Church of God virtually in all neighbourhoods.

The other dimension was at the church’s 60th Annual Convention tagged “Come Up Higher”, The crowd of Yoruba-speaking worshippers of the church missed the spice of the language interpretation which was conspicuously missing each time the G. O. mounted the altar for sermons. Information gathered revealed that the absence of interpreters is not unconnected with the current retirement and succession crisis that is currently rocking the church and was the reason the revered man of God decided to cancel interpretation in the church as one of the interpreters (name withheld) was a  sometimes back alleged to have been caught with substances said to be charms to harm the man of God. This incident will upteenth time in the last couple of years that attempt has been made on Pastor Adeboye using fetish substances. The first was the incident that happened some years back, when charms were discovered in his office, a situation he narrated then in a sermon, when he said he thought it is time for him to be called into heaven before he was miraculously healed by God.

The interpreter, who was formerly a pastor in Province 8, Ogun State was alleged to have been coerced into harming the G. O. by those who want the man of God out at all cost to enable them seize control of the church. The pastor who has since been sacked was caught in possession of the substances, and sources close to the man regarded as the most influential man of God in Nigeria, informed that the interpreter named some pastors of the church who coerced him into the act, but the whole process was kept from church members to avoid panic and violent reaction from the church youths towards the indicted Pastor. Even the church pastors in the Diaspora are said to have been playing an important role in the camp of those who want Pastor Adeboye out at all cost.

Meanwhile the revered man of God has said no matter the level of opposition, he would not retire from the vineyard of God. In one of the articles written by the man of God, it was discovered that he has already written about the kind of retirement he wants. In the article culled from the Open Heavens, an annual publication of Monday October 3rd, 2011, Pastor wrote about ‘The True Face of Retirement. “It is so evident that even when God has permitted him to retire; he will still be involved in the work of God, publishing revelations from God to the members of the church and other denominations. so, it should be understood that until God says come home, Pa Adeboye remains the General Overseer of one of the biggest congregation churches in the world. In Pastor Adeboyes words, God is not stingy with his anointing, when he pours his power into you, it will be beyond doubt. I have told my children and he says he is dripping with anointing because he is sweating.  No, no he is dripping with sweat. Where anointing is it doesn’t make noise, he just shows himself quietly. Pastor Adeboye surely knows the type of anointing he carries, so when you dare him, you dare God”

Culled from City People

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