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Monday, January 11, 2016

Turn Your Passion Into Profit With Payges #JoinPayges

Tech in Motion limited is delighted to launch Payges.co ; the real first micro blogging platform that pays social media lovers, bloggers, top brands and products for their verified online social activities.

Payges.co launches today, 11th January 2016 to usher in a new dimension to your online experience. You can now enjoy all your favorite feeds and website contents in one view. You can also create original content and get paid for your content.

Payges.co gives you the unique experience of finally turning all your online experience and creativity into a profitable venture. Visit payges.co and sign up to be a part of the exciting new venture which aims to redefine the way blogs brands and internet lovers interact and socialize online.

Quick Features On Payges

1. You can personalize/customize your internet experience
2. You make money from what you post or share
3. Stream Live football
4. Get traffic for your blog/brand
5. All top Nigerian blogs/website in one place

Payges would also be giving the first 15 users to get 100 likes on any content with in a month (Jan 11 - Feb 10 )  a chance to meet the team and also PAINTBALL for 5 hours and other items to be won...so signup now and start

For enquires, kindly get in touch with the payges.co customer experience team at letter@payges.co or contact numbers at 08085879749, 09091390769.
Tech in motion limited is an innovative start-up company that seeks to redefine the boundaries of innovation by constantly being creative and dynamic to the technological needs which exists.

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