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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Female Staff of Arik Air Disappears after Visiting Her Boyfriend

A worker with Arik Air, Grace Utum, has gone missing after a visit to her lover, Ihuoma Amelogu, who lives in the Ojodu Berger area of Lagos. Her whereabouts had since been shrouded in mystery.

Grace, a graduate of Accounting, was said to be working in the hospitality department of Arik.

The 29yrs old lady from Cross River left her Ikeja office for her lover’s house on January 1, 2016.

The case was reported at the Ojodu Police Division and the boyfriend, Amelogu, was reportedly arrested.

It was learnt that a mobile phone and a handbag belonging to the victim were found in his apartment on the day Grace went missing.

He was, however, released after police said there was nothing to connect him with the disappearance.

According to Punch, an uncle of the victim, Mr. Felix Omini, explained that the family became worried after her mother called one of her telephone lines and a stranger picked the call.

He said, “Her mother called her that night and discovered that it was a stranger that picked the call. The stranger said the phone was missing and its owner had called him and said she was coming for it in company with a man.

“Grace’s mother called her boyfriend, Amelogu, thinking he was the man the stranger was referring to. But he said he had also been trying to reach her without success.”

Mr Omini said he called Amelogu and together they went to report the matter at the police station.

The lady's father, Mr. Obongha Utum, said Grace and Amelogu had been dating for three years and would have been married, but for a problem with their blood compatibility.

He said, “The police said we should talk to the boyfriend because that was where she said she was going, but I don’t know what to think. They are church members and were supposed to have been married; but that became impossible after they discovered their genotypes were not compatible.

“We have also gone to Agbado Crossing in Ogun State, where she lived with a friend. We didn’t meet anybody in the house; everywhere was deserted.”

On his part, Amelogu said he last communicated with Grace around 3pm on January 1. He explained that efforts to get across to her through her friends had been abortive.

He said, “We were together on December 31, 2015; she slept at my place. She sometimes stayed at my place because her office in Ikeja is closer to my house in Ojodu Berger. She rented an apartment in Agbado Crossing, Ogun State.

“Around 6am on January 1, she said she was going to the office. We always had a family reunion every New Year at my uncle’s place in Ajah, so we planned to meet there.

“I spoke with her around 12 noon. Then around 3pm, when I was at my uncle’s place, we communicated again and I asked if she was still coming. She said she was rounding off at the office and would soon join me.”

The lover, a civil engineer, said his girlfriend’s line, however, became unreachable around 5pm and despite calling till 7pm, he didn’t get through.

He said her mother called him from Port Harcourt around 10pm to ask if he had seen her daughter.

“Her mother said she called her and a stranger picked it and said the phone was missing. I was surprised because she (Grace) didn’t call me that she had misplaced her phone.

“I decided to call the number myself, but it was unreachable. I kept calling till 2am, when it was switched off,” he added.

It was gathered that Grace’s family contacted a telecommunication company to track her calls, but they were asked to get a court order. Access to her bank accounts were also said to have been blocked.

Lagos Police PRO, SP Dolapo Badmos, who confirmed the incident, said:
“Necessary police procedure to be done in the case of the missing person has been done. The boyfriend, who was actually the complainant, was arrested and investigated, but there was nothing to link him with Grace’s disappearance, hence his release. But investigation is ongoing.”

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