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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marriage Crashed! Big Girl Dabota Lawson Packs Out Of Her Husband's Mansion

I usually laugh whenever I see girls who think that marriage is all about cash; they must marry a rich man by force or even if they marry a regular guy they will be sleeping with a rich man by the side. Those are clear manifestations of poor parental upbringing... men and women, money is not marriage.

Money is very good but the thing that would keep you to enjoy that money for the rest of your life is the heart with which you got married. If you marry with wrong motives, even after 10 years, it will crash.

Despite her older husband's Billions and mansion in Banana Island, Dabota Lawson is said to have ran away from her matrimonial home. All the things that are making some girls sleep around; such as big phones, brazilian hair, expensive vacations, big cars and much more she got from her husband.

So what happened? What has led to the end of their "enjoyment" marriage?

As reported by The Capital:
Full-length mink coats, a new Mercedes Benz 4matic or Range Rover Evoque and a tastefully furnished mansion in highbrow Banana Island, Victoria Island, Lagos, makes falling in love with an older man a.k.a Sugar Daddy, pretty easy and so much fun for a young lady.

Add to the mix, access to credit cards and the possibilities presented by the sugar daddy’s ownership of a private jet, and you have a gleeful, girly paramour whose joy knows no limits.

Although some would readily cite falling in love truly with her rich old lover but that is simply one defense that could hardly stand the test of doubts. Ask Dabota Lawson, the former beauty queen who ‘married’ Novena Boss, Sunny Aku not too long ago.

A mistress should be like a little country retreat near the town, not to dwell in constantly, but only for a night and away. But Billionaire Sunny, who lost his last wife to the cold hands of death years ago, did not see it that way. Or maybe he knew, but he thought she could change.

Places they traveled to around the world, while in the marriage.
Now their mutual attraction has run its full course and has thus flickered out like a dying firelight. Dabota has moved out of their matrimonial home.

She moved out of the marriage citing incompatibility among other irreconcilable differences. What came as a shock to those who know the ‘couple’ was that they put up a fa├žade of bliss everywhere they went during their ill-fated relationship and made many look forward to getting hooked to sugar daddy.

The lesson: marriage is a divine institution, don't go into it with greed or plan B or any other kind of plan.

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