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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rich Man Who's Sleeping With Ice Prince's Girlfriend Reveals Their Private Photos

Popular rapper Ice Prince is feeling down at the moment; his girlfriend who he blindly trusted has brought him to disrepute with her "runs" life. OluFamous.Com gathered that the lady, Maima, who had professed her love for Ice Prince was actually enjoying herself in secret with a Yoruba guy.

My own is that, I don't understand why ladies will be describing Yoruba guys as Yoruba demons, yet can't stay away from the so called "demons". This one was even sleeping with a 'demon' secretly. Laughs!

Anyway, I pity Ice Prince because he loved blindly and that is the problem with some ladies of today. Once she can see that you are blindly in love with her, my brother your name is sorry.

He was even defending her until he saw the truth. Now the story has changed. See revelations...

The Abuja big boy, Akin, who Maima is allegedly cheating on Iceprince with has shared revealing photos of himself with Maima enjoying a recent vacation. I think the guy just wanted to prove that Ice Prince should stop deceiving himself, thinking that he's the only sleeping with his woman.

Akin posted the photos on IG and after he was sure many people had seen them, he deleted the pics.

Sadly, Ice Prince is now begging all those disappointed. Probably he was warned but he didn't listen...

Fake love everywhere...if you are lucky to find a real one, please cherish it!

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