9ja Ninja's Blog: Man's Birthday Prank On Brother Backfires As He Gets Sister-In-Law Pregnant

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Man's Birthday Prank On Brother Backfires As He Gets Sister-In-Law Pregnant

What was supposed to be a birthday surprise for a brother turned really awry after the prank completely failed and the planner instead got his sister-in-law pregnant in the process.

The man took to Reddit to share his experience on how the innocent prank succeeded in making him a father.

According to the unnamed poster, he had been kicked out of the flat he shared with his brother so he could spend some ‘quality time’ with his wife on his birthday.

As a cheeky gesture, the man decided to play what he thought was a harmless prank on his brother

He wrote: “We have a board in the kitchen where we pin stuff, so I left him a note that said happy birthday big bro, have fun and I also pinned a condom and a $50 bill to the board.

“As a joke, I put three thumbtacks through the condom. My brothers a smart dude, so I figured he would see the condom has three thumbtacks, laugh, and throw it away. I thought wrong.

“A little over a month later my parents are over and my brother makes an announcement.

“He tells us that he is moving to Buffalo to live with his wife, who is now pregnant.”

The man was scared because he knew his brother wasn’t planning on having children at that stage of his life, but he was fortunate enough that his brother just “laughed” and “wasn’t angry at all” when he opened up that it was the prank that caused the pregnancy.

He explains: “After finding out his wife was pregnant, he realized that deep down he really wanted a kid, and didn’t realize it.”

While some Reddit users are touched by post and congratulate the couple, not all of them are fully convinced by the story.

A cynical commenter remarked: “Nobody is going to comment on how a grown man used a condom with three tacks thinking it would work… Alright, then.”

However, despite the doubts case over the story , it has taken the internet by storm, racking up over 1,100 comments in just three days.

See gobe. Lol

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